Bok Tower


America’s Taj Mahal

As you drive down a long windy road with nothing but orange trees on either side, you have no idea that you are actually about to make an escape from Polk County Florida. You had no clue that you have been slowly climbing up Iron Mountain to get here and as you come closer, the Tower begins to present itself in the distance looking larger than life. Your experience begins at a lovely Visitors center canopied by many large oak trees. It is here where you can get all the information that you will need for a beautiful day at the gardens. The Visitors center houses a wonderful museum, informational theater, and a cozy cafe.

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When exploring farther into the park there are many shaded pathways into peaceful nature walks with even more pathways being developed for the future growth of the gardens. As you explore you’ll notice that there is a wide variety of plants, flowers, bushes, and trees that are all equally beautiful and breathtaking. You will also find that there is an ample amount of area to sit and relax with hundreds of dedicated benches throughout the park. On your visit also be sure to stop by the Pinewood Estate to experience the serenity of the one of a kind Mediterranean style home and garden that will make you feel like you have made a trip to Italy.


Finally, the Tower will be the peak of your trip to the Gardens. If you view it from across the pond to the North, it becomes easy to see why it is called America’s Taj Mahal. As you view the full Tower and all of its greatness you’ll begin to feel chills ring down your neck, making it hard to tell if it’s just the cool breeze or the tower elevating your mind and spirit. Bok Tower is a gift from Edward W. Bok to the world. It exemplifies a man that strongly believed that it is important to put more into the world than what you take from it. At the base of the tower there’s a moat that is home to many large Koi fish. The South side of the tower showcases a beautiful sundial while the north side presents the opening to the tower through a magnificent large brass door. Some say that their favorite aspect is that it is a Carillon Tower with the bells ringing every half hour and live showings every day at 1 p.m and 3 p.m.

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Bok Towers is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful balance of nature, architecture, and melody. You could spend a whole day exploring and still not experience all that the park has to offer. In saying this it is worth it to come back more than once. The deal that the Gardens presents with a membership is excellent with the benefit of admission anytime to the park as well as admission to over 300 other horticultural parks and museums all over the country. With also access to many events that the park holds each year it is a great deal. Although, you don’t need a membership to come and enjoy this wonderful refuge, you just have to make a plan and take the trip. With all that the park has to offer, there is no need to question that it will be a great experience for you and your loved ones.

Address: 1151 Tower Blvd, Lake Wales, FL 33853