Lake Wales Audio Tours


Historic Downtown Walking Tours


Florida Stories is a web-based app that was created by the The Florida Humanities Council to bring more awareness to the significant parts of Florida’s historical background. The concept is that once you download the App, you can add any town on their list and enjoy listening to an audio walking tour while you explore the older areas of the cities we are familiar with today. Their slogan being “Listen. These streets have stories to tell.”


The App can be downloaded on any smart phone or tablet and provides easy access to the Lake Wales tour once you start. The Lake Wales tour features the history of the 11 historic buildings located in downtown Lake Wales. You just show up, plug in your headphones, and you’re on your way.


The Florida Humanities Council was established in 1973, as a nonprofit organization that develops and funds programs to explore the stories of Florida’s history. This includes highlighting cultural heritage, literacy, and artistic life. As well as focusing on the issues and ideas during the development of our communities and traditions.


When you come out and see these places for yourself, what you will find is that you can learn a lot about how they got their starts and the people that inhabited them before us just by listening to what the stories have to say. The tours go over everything from the type of designs implemented during their construction to the reasoning behind all the changes that have been made to them over the years. 


During the tour you will also notice that these narrations give you some very interesting backstory that most people who have lived here their entire life don’t even know of. For instance, the Walesbilt Hotel has a intriguing history that includes involvement with a very famous Mobster that many may interested to hear about.


Needless to say, if you like books or historical information you’ll love the experience of the Downtown Lake Wales Audio Tour.