First Frame Bowl


America’s Favorite Hangout

Bowling balls are very familiar to us from childhood all the way up to the time we start to wrinkle. Even though we may not all be good at it, bowling is something that almost anyone that has grown up in the good ol’ US of A has played at one point or another. However, after years of summer camp field trips and countless birthday parties sometimes we forget how valuable the bowling center is itself. A bowling center is almost more of a social spot than it is a place where people come to compete. It’s a perfect environment to gather with friends or family for quality fun and enjoyable competition.


First Frame Bowl is a great reminder of what a bowling center should be, a place where you can escape from the stresses of the week and enjoy yourself no matter what age you are. One of the few places that everyone can agree on going any night of the week to relax and even enjoy a cold drink together.


There’s nothing quite like knocking down some pins to bring out your inner winner but luckily the fun doesn’t have to stop with bowling. First Frame also has a large arcade stocked with tons of fun games and now even offers team Laser Tag.


There are so many ways to play, you can win tickets to redeem prizes and even win more games of bowling. No matter how you play you can be assured that you’ll have a good time. 


First Frame also offers many great weekly specials that help you save as you play.


Mondays are $1.00 Day- Where you can get $1 Games, Shoes, Hot Dog, French Fries  or a Small Drink


Tuesdays are $6.00 per person- 2 Hours of Bowling with shoes


Wednesdays have been added to the $1.00 Bowling Day Special- Get $1 Games, Shoes, Hot Dog, French Fries  or a Small Drink


Thursday is Bowl your Brains Out-$6.00 per person from Noon till 9pm

For the Weekends you can look forward to Rock-n-Bowl from 9pm to Midnight.

Friday $8.00 Saturday $10.00

Sunday Funday

5pm to 9pm
2 games of laser tag 3 hours of bowling 10.00 per person

Laser Tag

Sunday $5.00 2-8pm
Monday 3.00 2-8pm
Tues – Thursday $5.00 5-8pm
Friday $5.00 5-11pm
Saturday $5.00 2-11pm



If you’re interested in booking a party or finding more information, you can check them out at .

Location: 950, Eagle Ridge Dr, Lake Wales, FL 33859