Places To Eat

Places To Eat


It’s Eggcellent If you live in Lake Wales and still have yet to hear someone boasting about how great Egg House is, let’s face it, you may be staying under a rock. However, all jokes aside, it’s truly amazing how many people have such positive things to say about their breakfast & lunch. A breakfast … Continue reading Egg House


Looking for your favorite place to pick up a sweet treat? Well if you haven’t heard already, you can find creamy goodness right here in Lake Wales. Topper’s Creamery serves up some of the most satisfying soft serve ice cream on the planet. On top of that, they don’t just swirl up the greatest cones … Continue reading Topper’s Creamery


Special In A Literal Sense When it comes to excitement, food establishments usually have a hard time drumming up enthusiasm about their weekly specials. I have been to many places that, upon entering, try to catch you with their “soup of the day.” While perceived to some as enticing, attempts like this have rarely convinced … Continue reading The Market Place Café