Manny’s Chophouse


As a college student, having a good steak dinner is a rare occasion. To my benefit, for many years Manny’s has been a place that consistently makes the experience satisfiable. They don’t only make one the greatest tasting steaks in Central Florida but also provides you with a certain nostalgia each time you visit. They’re different in the most simple ways. They have their specialty bread rolls with cinnamon butter and hand tossed salads that go hand in hand with every meal.


But it’s not just the food, the unique way the restaurants are designed and the staffs eager demeanor gives Manny’s an inviting atmosphere. They don’t break the bank for a good steak meal and it is a great place to go share a conversation over a meal, that is why I have always chosen Manny’s time after time to catch up with my parents and fill them in on my busy life as a college student.

Located: 210 FL-60, Lake Wales, FL 33853