Pedro’s Downtown Deli


Pedro’s may be one of the greatest reasons to come downtown during lunch hour. To me, it’s a given that everytime I go in I can expect that I’ll receive great service and excellent food from Pedro and his staff. From experience, there is just something special about their menu. I’ve been told that Pedro is a skilled chef and it’s noticeable from watching him work. He really takes the time to make sure you enjoy your meal.

Pedro is a Lake Wales native who after culinary school decided to come back and take over a business that he has turned into one of the locals favorite spots. As well as being the home of the locals favorite sandwich. Pedro’s Cubano sandwich seems to be his number one seller and it always leaves customers wanting to come back for more. Which is something that Pedro enjoys about being a business owner here in Lake Wales, he can recognize that most of his customers are people that he’s seen come in at least once or twice before. For me, I just believe that it’s awesome that Pedro has provided Lake Wales with a place that the locals can really take pride in going back to.

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He made my sandwich using only the best ingredients, fresh focaccia bread, turkey breast prepared in house, and the ripest produce. Then, it was almost like he crafted everything together so perfectly that all the ingredients complimented each other in the best ways possible. Last time I stopped by I had the Turkey Cranwich, every bite that I took was just as flavorsome as the last. The best way that I could describe eating one would be that it’s like having a whole Thanksgiving dinner in your hands. Once I was finished all I could think about was the next time that I would be able come in and order it again. It is my recommendation that if you have not visited Pedro’s yet that you do so very soon. Life is too short to miss out on hidden gems like this.

Located: 120 E Park Ave Lake Wales, FL 33853