Lake Wales

Welcome to Lake Wales


Bright and Refreshing Lake Wales

The Heart of Citrus Territory and a Beacon of Light to the Determined

Located in glistening Polk county, Central Florida, Lake Wales has always had a strong

history of sophistication and genuineness. An area originally inhabited by the Seminole

Indians and a vast variety of wildlife, cypress swamps, dense bay heads, sandy hills, and

long-leaf yellow pines. It was first given its name in 1879 by a surveyor who decided the

big lake would be named “Lake Wailes” after himself, Sydney Wailes. Lake Wales made its

debut on 1911 when it was first created as the Lake Wales Land Company by its founding

fathers Tillman, Johnson, Bullard, and Stuart. Soon after, southern pioneers would see

Lake Wales as a land of determination and influence where people put their shoulders to

the wheels of progress. Acres of pine and oak gave way to new acres of orange trees and

not long after the Lake Wales Citrus Grower Association was created.

With a citrus packing facility in place, Lake Wales became known as the heart of Citrus

territory and was soon after seen as one of the most progressive towns in Central Florida.

Lake Wales enjoyed the “Florida Boom” and progressively became a new land of

opportunity. New inhabitants flocked to the town to build their homes in hopes to enjoy

area’s natural loveliness and refreshing breeze brought in from the Atlantic and Gulf

coasts. As Lake Wales grew as a town, so did its rich culture and community. A

community that had successfully created a spot where dreams turned into realities by

offering many entrepreneurial opportunities for those ready to make their mark.

Today, Lake Wales is still known as a friendly place in which to live and work. Now home to

landmarks like Bok Tower and the college campus of Warner University, Lake Wales is full

of great locations and activities that represent it’s genuine background. In addition,

withstanding the test of time, there are still over seventy original homes that were seen as

the foundation of the future growth for the community. Since it’s start, Lake Wales has

also come to be the home of both Florida’s Natural Orange Juice and Hunts Brothers

headquarters. After a booming economy made possible by the real opportunities of the

citrus industry, there has been a plethora of open space for local doctors, lawyers, and

other merchants to thrive. Now in hopes to spread its rich culture of prosperous ingenuity,

Lake Wales is ready for a new generation of determined individuals to come turn their

dreams into realities.